Saginaw Tree Services Prevent Snow and Ice from Causing Damage to your Property

This time of year, without out our Saginaw tree services, residential and commercial properties are particularly vulnerable to snow and ice damage. Heavy snow and ice can weigh down branches and low-hanging limbs causing them to fall onto your home, business, or vehicle. If limbs and branches can cause property damage, then imagine what a fallen tree can do.  Damage can range from a cracked windshield or minor roof damage all the way to displacement from your home, business or vehicle. Branches and trees falling can even potentially pose a threat to people nearby.

AB Tree Care can identify trees that are dead, decaying and structurally unsound, remove them from your property, and grind up the stump. In addition, we can trim the branches and limbs of the healthy trees leaving your property armed against the coming snow and ice.

By calling us to take care of all your Saginaw tree services, your property will be significantly less likely to incur damage from heavy snow and ice this winter.

For Saginaw Tree Services contact our office at (989) 777-8001 or our Bay City office at (989) 893-8688.