Recent Frankenmuth Tree Removal and Trimming


Tree Trimming and Removal

Allen Benjamin Tree Care Inc. recently completed a tree service at a home located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The job entailed tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, & pruning trees from a backyard. Owner, Mike Miller, and his 4 man crew completed the job in 5 hours, removing approximately 5 trees in that time. The home owners wanted to clear these trees to provide more space and sunlight and when Mike & Crew started the job the yard was overgrown and in need of some pruning & trimming. The yard looked better than ever when Allen Benjamin Tree Care Inc. was done, the clean up job was completed within the 5 hours, as well, to the home owners complete satisfaction.

Contact us today if you have a backyard that is overgrown with trees & stumps that need to be removed, trimmed, pruned and more.